Rug Binding Repairs

For professional rug binding repairs on your fine area rug, look to the experts at Greenspring Rug Care. We offer superior area rug cleaning and restoration in the Baltimore area and beyond. Call us today at (410) 667-7847 to request service.

What Is Rug Binding?

As the edges of an area rug become frayed and worn, rug binding can repair this issue, making your area rug look like new. Depending on the type of rug you have, the area rug binding will either be stitched with a professional binding machine or hand-sewn. Custom rug binding can provide a tailored look that keeps your Oriental or Persian area rug looking luxurious and well-groomed.

Our Custom Process

At Greenspring Rug Care, when you choose us for rug binding service, we review all options with you, offering suggestions and recommendations that will give you the finished product you desire. We have bindings that will closely match the color of your rug as well as maintain the integrity of the rug. Our custom rug binding process includes these steps:

  • Our team speaks with each customer to find out what type of look they want for their specific area rug.
  • Based on the customer’s desire for their rug, we then make recommendations that will give them the appearance they would like while also restoring the troublesome edges.
  • We will then either stitch on the binding with a professional machine or by hand.
  • Depending on the type of rug, we may use a cloth binding, flat binding, or serge binding.
Rug Repairs in Baltimore

If your area rug, Persian rug, or Oriental rug has seen better days, let the experts at Greenspring take care of any necessary repairs. Our specialists can perform all types of rug repairs in our Baltimore-area plant.

  • Restore fringe either by hand or by machine
  • Repair missing or worn-down areas
  • Alter rugs according to customized specifications
  • Replace backing or rug padding
  • Blocking, sizing, or repairing latex backing

Superior Rug Binding Services

Since 2017, Greenspring has been providing professional rug binding services, along with several other rug care services such as rug cleaning, guaranteed pet urine and odor removal, rug color restoration, and more. We gladly serve Baltimore, Maryland, including the surrounding counties of Howard, Harford, and Anne Arundel, as well as Washington D.C. and Richmond, Virginia. Request service today by calling us at (410) 667-7847.

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