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  • Cleaning of Area Rugs
Cleaning of Area Rugs

Can you repair my area rugs?

Oriental and specialty rugs are all unique and different. Please call 410 667-RUGS or submit your information on our  Ask the Expert page for a free estimate for your particular rug. Remember, we also have Free pick up and delivery in the MD, DC, VA & PA metropolitan areas! We make it really easy.

What makes you different & better than other rug cleaning companies?

We have our own cleaning and repair facility with the most up to date equipment in the industry. We put a huge emphasis on customer service. We will move any furniture needed to pick up & deliver your rugs free of charge. There is never a deposit, you pay when you’re satisfied. We offer our revolutionary Free rug pad cleaning for life program. 100% pet odor removal guarantee. Free pick up & Delivery & We offer a 100% Risk Free Guarantee and we make it really easy!

Could I be allergic to my rug?

Yes, chances are its accumulated soil, pet hair, or pet dander that are the source for allergy symptoms. These can be removed effectively with a thorough cleaning from our experts.

Can you clean a rug for people who are allergic to most cleaning chemicals?
Yes, we have a chemical-free cleaning option.

Isn’t it easier and cheaper to have my handmade oriental rug cleaned in my home?

This is absolutely the worst thing you can do to a handmade rug or area carpet. By cleaning the rug in-home the dust and sand cannot be removed; you cannot properly rinse the rug and flush out all the dirt and contaminants, you cannot dry it completely on both sides and if it has fringes they cannot be cleaned.

It may sound easier, cheaper, and quicker to have a rug cleaned in your home but you get what you pay for, and risk damaging the rug as well as your floors. This service is generally sold or recommended by in-home cleaning companies that do not have a proper facility. Do not fall for their false, misleading information.

  • Rug Repair & Restoration
Rug Repair & Restoration

Do you offer rug repair & Restoration?

Yes we do!  Our master craftspeople can do almost any type of repair on both antique and contemporary handmade rugs, custom made rugs, and machine made rugs. We can expertly reweave holes, re-nap worn areas, restore moth damage, repair seams, reduce a rug size, rewrap the binding on the side, reweave worn or missing fringes, sew on artificial fringes, unravel, and overcast worn fringes and patch holes.

The Fringes of my rug are worn. Can anything be done?

Yes, all fringes wear over time and can be repaired or replaced. We can also sew machine-made fringes over the worn fringe or reweave new fringes in by hand that match the existing fringe exactly. We can also remove the damaged fringe and replace with binding.

I have a hole in my rug. What do I do?

Call us! When your rug arrives at our facility, we will evaluate it and make a recommendation for repair. Our master craftsmen can reweave or add additional material to holes or spots, depending on the severity of the damage.

My rug is very worn. Can anything be done?

Wear is harder to treat than damage. Our experts are happy to evaluate your piece and help you make the most informed choices possible.

  • Doing Business With Us: Free Pick Up & Delivery, And How We Make It Easy
Doing Business With Us: Free Pick Up & Delivery, And How We Make It Easy

Where are you located?

We proudly serve the MD,DC,VA & PA, Metropolitan area! Our cleaning plant is located in Timonium, Maryland just north of Baltimore City.

Can you pick up and/or drop off my rug?

Yes! Our Free Pick-up and delivery are available to customers in the MD,DC,VA & PA, Metropolitan areas. We offer prompt, professional home appointments using our own employees. We also move the furniture that is on top of the rugs so you don’t have to lift a thing. We make it really easy. Simply contact us to schedule pick-up or delivery.

Can I save by bringing my rug to your facility?

Yes. There is a very nice discount on our cleaning services when you bring your rugs to our facility. When you arrive, we will take the rugs out of your vehicle and bring them into our facility – you do not have to lift or move anything.

What are your hours?

Our office hours are:

Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST

Saturday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm EST

I’m in another region, state, country, etc. Can you still clean and/or repair my rug?

Sure – it’s really pretty simple. Take your rug(s) to a UPS or FedEx store and have them ship it to us. We will inspect the rug and provide you with a comprehensive plan to restore your rug. We will then ship it back to you via UPS or common carrier at no charge to you.

Do you ship rugs?

After the cleaning and repair process is complete, we can have rugs delivered to any location of your choice within our service area; or we can wrap them to be shipped anywhere in the country.

  • Types of Rugs We Clean
Types of Rugs We Clean

What type of rugs do you clean?

We can clean and repair most any kind of area rug such as Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Indian, Nepalese, Kilims, Oriental (antique or new), wool, silk, Linen, Viscos, Navajo, Karastan, Gabbe, flat-woven, hooked, braided, tufted, Custom Tufted, Tibetan, modern designer rugs, shag, or Flokati. Our craftsmen are experts have the knowledge and experience to clean, repair, and restore your treasures.

  • Application of Stain, Soil, & Wear Protection
Application of Stain, Soil, & Wear Protection

Can you add special stain protectants to my rugs?

We certainly can! We offer Dupont Teflon Advanced Protecor. This the finest stain, soil and wear protectant available. Once the stain protection has dried, it is NON-TOXIC & NON-ALLERGENIC. They make vacuuming more effective, allow for more complete stain removal and make future cleaning easier and better. These stain protectants can be applied in our cleaning facility or in your home.

  • How We Work
How We Work

What happens when I bring a rug in for cleaning and/or repair?

We are rug cleaning and care experts. If your rug needs cleaning or repair we will explain what can be done and provide you with an estimate. We will address any special concerns you have and can provide a detailed plan for cleaning, restoration, and repair if needed.

Are the products you use safe for pets and children?

Yes, all the products we use are safe for use in the home.

  • Moth & Insect Damage
Moth & Insect Damage

Can you clean fragile, old, antique or damaged rugs?

Our expert technicians can safely clean damaged or fragile rugs without causing further damage. Cleaning methods are modified for a specific rug’s needs. All rugs are thoroughly inspected prior to cleaning to ensure any spots of concern are addressed accordingly. These types of rugs are hand cleaned by one of our Specialist.

Won’t cleaning shorten the life of my rug?

No. Cleaning will prolong the life of your rug because it removes soil and grit that has accumulated over time, which damages the fibers in your rug. In addition, stains become more difficult to remove as they age, and urine stains can actually start to breakdown the rug fibers themselves.

I have moths in my rugs. What should I do?

Call us. We can pick up your rugs  and properly, effectively and most important safely eliminate the infestation.

Should I call an exterminator or pest control company?

After you call us, the next step is to contact a licensed pest control expert who specializes in dealing with moths. They will need to come into your home and treat items such as installed carpet, clothing, furniture etc.

How long does it take to remove insect larvae from my rugs?

The entire process will take approximately three weeks from pick up to delivery back. We can also hold your rugs and carpets until an exterminator can come to your home and perform their services.

What is the process you use to remove insect larvae from my rugs?

What we do is pick up your rugs and bring them to our facility in a sealed heavyduty plastic where we immediately place the rugs in our heated drying room. The rugs are kept in the drying room where temperatures reach up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit for 2-3 days. Then the rug is treated by a licensed exterminator and repacked to be put back in the drying for an additional 2-3 days. After this process the rug is sent to a thorough washing process where the rug is cleaned, and completely dried.  When this step is completed the rugs then go to a final inspection, wrapping and delivery back to you.

We keep our home very clean and vacuum regularly, how are moths getting in?

Moths are insects and like all insects that can get in through an open window or door, a torn screen, a small crack or space under a door or in an open crevice in your house or apartment. Regardless of how they arrive, there are a number of ways to help protect your rugs carpets and clothing and other items from clothes moths. Cornell University’s Insect Diagnostic Laboratory offers these tips:

  • Thoroughly inspect vulnerable clothes, fabrics and stored items at least once a year for moth larvae and damage. Consider discarding damaged items if it is difficult to repair them satisfactorily.
  • Check areas around the home where moths may hide, looking for signs of infestation. Remove items from closets and drawers and vacuum thoroughly, trapping the lint on which larvae can feed.
  • Clean regularly to help prevent lint, dust or hair from accumulating. Vacuum rugs and carpets, drapes, upholstered furniture and pet bedding. Vacuum under furniture that is seldom moved and along baseboards where wool lint might accumulate.
  • Vacuum inside closets, around water heaters and other appliances, near air vents and ducts and in cracks and crevices along floors.
  • Clean clothing and other fabrics thoroughly before storing them, especially if you will do so for a long period. Place items in secure plastic bags or airtight containers.
  • When shopping for woolens or wool blends, consider buying items that the manufacturer has treated with a moth-resistant compound. Professional cleaners may also be able to add mothproofing to certain items.

Are there fabrics that moths won’t eat that I should consider when purchasing a rug?

Moths will not eat a manmade fiber such as nylon, linen, viscos, polypropylene, Olefin, polyester. Please note that this is no reason not to purchase wool rugs and carpet. Wool is an amazing fiber that has been used in Handmade rugs for thousands of years and in wall to wall carpet for over 100 hundred years. With proper care and maintenance handmade rugs can last for generations. Wool is soft, has amazing colors, hides soil and has tremendous resiliency (the ability to bounce back).

Simply follow these steps:

• Vacuum at least once a week

• Move furniture to vacuum under skirts and upholstery

• Use the vacuum attachment to get behind beds, in corners and in closets

• Clean all wool carpet and rugs once every one to two years depending on usage.

Once my rugs go through the eradication process, can I safely assume my moth problem is solved?

After we return your rugs and that have gone through the eradication process your moth problem is solved BUT you must have the rest of your home treated by a professional exterminator. Don’t bring the rugs back home until this important step has been completed.

Does frequent cleaning reduce the chance of moth infestation?

Absolutely. Moths and other insects like dirty, quite, and dark areas to eat wool and thrive. Frequent vacuuming, cleaning and movement will greatly remove the chance of moths and bugs becoming a problem in your home.

Can you fix damaged rug fringe?
Yes, we can fix both hand-sewed and machine-made rug fringe.

Can you repair a hole in my rug?
Yes, our specialists will give your area rugs the tender, loving care they deserve. Choose from our wide range of area rug repair services:

Refringing, binding, or serging, either by hand or by machine
Repairing of missing or worn areas either by rebuilding or patching
Altering rugs to your specification
Replacing backing
Blocking, sizing, and latex backing of rugs

  • General Questions About Cleaning Handmade & Area Rugs
General Questions About Cleaning Handmade & Area Rugs

How do I know if my rug needs cleaning?

When a rug still looks soiled after vacuuming, it’s probably time to have it cleaned. Try this test: Blot the nap of your rug in an inconspicuous spot with a damp white cloth. Let the cloth dry flat to see what was transferred from your rug. If the cloth is soiled, your rug would benefit from a cleaning. Remember – never clean an area rug in your home. Allow us to pick it up, bring it to our facility, thoroughly clean and dry it, and then return it back.

How often should rugs be cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning can vary depending on how much traffic the rug gets. Rugs in entryways, hallways, and eating areas may need cleaning every six months. Rugs in lower traffic areas rugs may only need cleaning every two or three years.

Is my rug handmade or machine made?

Great question. There are several ways to determine whether a rug is handmade or machine made. In either case, our experts will be glad to examine your treasure and tell you more about it and what makes it unique.

Can rugs really be washed?

Of course rugs can be washed—but it’s best to leave this to the experts. Rug washing requires the expertise of certified technicians and master craftsmen to ensure your rug is cleaned and handled properly.

What kinds of rugs can be washed?

We can clean and repair most any kind of area rug such as Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Indian, Nepalese, Kilims Oriental (antique or new), wool, silk, Viscose, Linen, Navajo, Karastan, Gabbe, flat-woven, hooked, braided, tufted, Tibetan, modern designer rugs, shag, or Flokati. Our craftsmen are experts have the knowledge and experience to clean, repair, and restore your treasures.

How are rugs washed?

After an initial inspection, our experts remove as much dry soil as possible mechanically. Rugs are then submerged in water, washed flat with detergents and cleaning agents, thoroughly rinsed, centrifuged to extract as much water as possible and then are air-dried in fewer than eight hours. Dry rugs are re-inspected, groomed, and returned looking their best.

Do you clean the fringe?

Yes. When you start seeing your fringe looking discolored and dingy, your rug and the fringe could use a good professional rug cleaning. You may feel like your fringe is past the point of no return with major soiling and staining; but you may be surprised how clean it will come with a good cleaning. For worn fringe, we may be able to give it a good trim to even up the edges. We also offer fringe repair services.

What about fragile, old, antique or damaged rugs?

Our expert technicians can safely clean damaged or fragile rugs without causing further damage. Cleaning methods are modified for a specific rug’s needs. All rugs are thoroughly inspected prior to cleaning to ensure any spots of concern are addressed accordingly. These types of rugs are hand cleaned by one of our Specialists.

Won’t cleaning shorten the life of my rug?

No. Cleaning will prolong the life of your rug because it removes soil and grit that has accumulated over time, which damages the fibers in your rug. In addition, stains become more difficult to remove as they age, and urine stains can actually start to breakdown the rug fibers themselves.

How do I tell the nap or pile direction on my rug?

Slide your hand back and forth from one fringe to the other and you will feel the difference, or look closely to see the direction the pile lays in. While looking ‘down’ on the rug pile, it will appear lighter and shiny. While looking ‘into’ the rug pile, it will appear darker and more richly colored.

  • Removal of Stains, Spills, Odor, & Color Run
Removal of Stains, Spills, Odor, & Color Run

Can stains be removed?

Yes. Most stains can be removed, though results might vary depending on the type of stain and what’s been previously done to the stain. Our expert cleaning technicians take great care to remove stains as best as possible.

What about pet stains?

Yes, our skilled technicians can remove pet and urine stains to various degrees depending on the age of the stain, the fiber that the rug or carpet is made of, the age of the pet and what steps have been taken to work on the stain

Can you remove pet odor from my rug?

Yes. Our washing process and our guaranteed odor removal process is very effective in removing these odors types of odors completely.

Can you remove mildew from my rugs?

Yes, our expert technicians can remove mildew from rugs if it is not very old. There are cases when mildew can be permanent.

Can I do anything about wine or urine stains at home?

Yes! Home treatments can effectively minimize fresh stains. The key is a quick action that doesn’t make things worse. First, while still wet, blot spots immediately with something absorbent such as paper towels or cotton rags. Don’t add water and don’t scrub. Blot both the front and back of the rug until no more moisture can be removed.

Next, check to see if any of the rug’s dye has transferred to your towels or rags. If you see dye transfer, stop and let the rug dry. If not, you can blot out more of the stain with a sponge dampened (not dripping) with water and a drop of liquid dish detergent. Get the area as dry as possible by pressing paper towels on the nap and then elevate the area so it can dry from both sides. If the stain is visible after the rug is dry, give us a call.

Don’t worry or panic! Anything you can’t get out now can be removed later by a professional cleaner, even wine and urine stains that have dried on the rug. Don’t try to flood a stain with large amounts of water. This can create other problems. Just wait to have them worked on by one of our technicians.

Can I use household cleaning agents to spot clean my rug?

Yes, try spot cleaning with a sponge dampened (not dripping) with a weak solution of water and a drop of liquid dish detergent. Stop if you see any dye bleed. Blot the rug as dry as possible by pressing paper towels on the nap. Then elevate the area so it can dry from both sides. Do not try to rinse or flood the rug with water. This can be done by one of our cleaning technicians or when the rug comes to our facility for complete cleaning.

Most other household cleaning agents (Fantastic, Oxyclean, laundry bleach, etc.) are too powerful for home use on natural fiber and may do more harm than good.

Can colors that have run from one portion of a rug to another be removed?

Yes, most color run can be improved or removed entirely. While procedures to remove color run are simple, it takes experience and skill for consistently good results.

What about urine odors?

Our washing process rinses urine completely from rugs and with our guaranteed odor removal processes the urine and odor are completely removed.

  • Rugs Out of Shape, Shrinkage, & Stretching
Rugs Out of Shape, Shrinkage, & Stretching

My rug won’t lay flat. Can you fix this?

Yes. Rugs that have shifted out of shape can be stretched or blocked to improve their shape. Once we see your rug, we can give you a good idea of how much it can be improved.

Will my rug shrink when it is washed?

It is possible for some rugs to sustain minor shrinkage due to the cleaning process. This is more likely on rugs the have never been washed. Some rugs may also become slightly larger. Please note that most handmade area rugs are not square before cleaning.

  • Vacuums & Vacuuming
Vacuums & Vacuuming

Is it safe to vacuum my rug?

Yes. Rugs look better and last longer when kept free of dust, loose soil, and animal hair. Vacuums can be damaging to rugs though, so it’s important to be careful. For regular vacuuming, move with the direction of the nap or pile (the direction the rug feels smoothest), not against it. Also, DO NOT vacuum fringes with an upright vacuum.

What type of vacuum is best?

Canister vacuums with hard surface attachments are very gentle, making them ideal for fragile rugs or to clean fringes, but are not powerful soil removers. Upright vacuums with spinning beater bar/brush assemblies are very effective but can remove fibers or cause damage over time if used without care. The type and condition of your rug are important factors when choosing a vacuum. Give us a call if you’d like to discuss what might be best for you.

  • Rug Pads
Rug Pads

Are rug pads necessary?

Yes, they are. We recommend them, particularly in high traffic areas. Rug pads hold rugs in place, help reduce wear and make rugs more comfortable to walk on. We sell a variety of rug pads that can be cut to custom-fit your rug. When your rug and new padding is delivered back to you we will spread out the padding and put the rug properly on top of the pad. We make it really easy.

What Our Customers Say

Everything from placing my rug cleaning order to the pick up and delivery service was handled professionally, efficiently, courteously and promptly. The communication is accurate. The pick ups and delivery staff were on time, friendly and very professional.

Paul Smith – Richmond, VA

We have used Greenspring Rug Care a few times. I liked the fact that they sent somebody out to us that knew a lot about the rugs. That was very helpful to me. The best part about them is that they are able to pick up and deliver the rugs.

J. S. – Baltimore, MD

I recently went to Greenspring Rug Care and was very pleased with how the work from them went. They were able to do the work quicker than I had expected, and the rugs were all left looking like new when they were finished.

T. C. – Lancaster, PA

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