Moth & Insect Control

If you're concerned with potential infestation by rug beetles or have seen signs of moths in your wool or Oriental rug, call Greenspring Rug Care today. Our moth and insect control can help prevent damage from all types of insects. Contact us today to request service by calling (410) 667-7847.

Signs of Moths in Your Oriental Rug

Beetles, moths, and other pests can eat holes in your rugs very quickly, especially if you have a wool rug. The damage is done when the rug moths are in the larvae stage. They feed on protein, such as wool, silk, or animal hair, and then lay eggs in the carpet. If not taken care of correctly and quickly, this can result in devastating damage.

You can stop this cycle in its tracks by looking for signs of rug beetles or moths living in your rugs.

  • Watch for signs of moth larvae, which look like sticky lint or spider webs, on the underside of the rug.
  • Look for bare spots or little divots in your wool rug, which are where the moths or rug beetles are eating the carpet.
Prevent Rug Beetles & Moths

While vacuuming regularly and using high-quality rug padding are all excellent means of preventing a moth or beetle infestation, they may not be enough to deter these tiny pests. At Greenspring Rug Care, we offer a moth repellent solution that acts as a deterrent, making the rug taste bitter to these little critters. By taking away their food source, the insects will move on and no longer use your wool rug as their living space.

We highly recommend this moth rug treatment if you are storing your rug for any amount of time. Remember, insects like dark places where they are left undisturbed. While there are no guarantees written or implied that moths will never return, having your rug cleaned regularly and applying our effective rug moth treatment are the best methods for combating this problem.

Effective Moth & Insect Treatment

With the highly effective rug beetle treatment from Greenspring Rug Care, your wool, silk, or Oriental rug will be protected and last for many years. Request this service today by calling (410) 667-7847. We offer free pickup, delivery, and furniture moving for all our rug care customers. Serving Baltimore, Maryland, since 2017, we also serve the surrounding counties of Howard, Harford, and Anne Arundel, as well as Washington D.C. and Richmond, Virginia.

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