Guaranteed Pet Urine & Odor Removal

Have you tried cleaning dog pee from your area rug, but there’s still a lingering odor you simply cannot remove? Let Greenspring Rug Care take care of that nasty odor for you. With our centrifuge and powerful pet stain cleaning system, we will have your area rug smelling clean and fresh in no time. Call us today at (410) 667-7847 to request service.

The Best Way to Get Dog Pee Out of Your Rug

When your furry friend makes a mess on your area rug and you clean it up right away, there are still odors and stains that linger. The different sprays and powders that are sold at stores, while they clean most of the cat urine from your area rug, don’t get to the root of the problem. Pet urine is quickly absorbed by rugs and their padding, even soaking into the subfloor which becomes a breeding ground for nasty, smelly bacteria. No topical spray is ever going to get rid of that!

The powerful pet stain cleaning system from Greenspring Rug Care gets deep down into the fibers. It neutralizes the damaging odor and dog pee on your fine area rug. Once the pet odor removal is complete, your pets are less likely to soil in that area.

Our Area Rug Pet Odor Removal Process

When it comes to cleaning dog pee from your rug, we are the leading experts in the Baltimore area. With our two centrifuge machines, we can offer our customers 100% guaranteed pet odor removal.

  • Your rug is thoroughly cleaned and dried using our rug cleaning process. Most pet odors are removed during the first wash.
  • We perform a smell test and check the rug for any remaining odors.
  • If odors still remain on your area rug, we contact you before performing our 100% guaranteed odor removal service.
  • We treat your rug in a special soaking tub, using specialized cleaning agents that are safe on your rug, to remove any remaining odors.

100% Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal

With Greenspring Rug Care, you can have a pet and a clean area rug too! Request service today by calling us at (410) 667-7847. We offer a wide range of rug cleaning and restoration solutions, including rug appraisals, stain removal and protection, fringe cleaning and restoration, and more. We proudly serve Baltimore, Maryland, including the surrounding counties of Howard, Harford, and Anne Arundel, as well as Washington D.C. and Richmond, Virginia.

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