If you have an area rug in your home that needs to be cleaned or repaired, you may be contemplating the best course of action and wondering what services are worth paying for. At Greenspring Rug Care, we understand that a rug is an investment. That is why we offer superior rug cleaning and restoration services, including free pick-up and delivery. Let’s take a look at some common questions we hear from our customers, and we will answer them for you below.

Rug Repairs and Restoration

What Types of Rugs Does Greenspring Clean?

Greenspring Rug Care can clean and repair almost any kind of area rug, such as Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Indian, Nepalese, Kilims, Navajo, Karastan, Gabbe, Tibetan, Flokati, new or antique Oriental, wool, silk, linen, viscose, flat-woven, hooked, braided, tufted, custom-tufted, shag, or modern designer rugs. We have the experience and expertise necessary to properly clean and preserve your family heirloom, and we want to help protect your investment.

How Do I Know if My Rug Needs Cleaning?

It’s probably time to have your rug cleaned if it still looks soiled after you vacuum it, but there is a test you can complete on your rug to know for sure: Blot the nap of your rug in an inconspicuous spot with a damp white cloth, and let the cloth dry flat to see what was transferred from your rug. If the cloth is soiled, your rug would benefit from a cleaning. We can pick it up, bring it to our facility, thoroughly clean and dry it, and deliver it back to you.

Is It Better To Have My Rug Cleaned in My Home?

The worst thing you can do to your area rug is to try and clean it at home. When cleaning a rug at home, the dust and sand cannot be removed, the rug cannot be properly rinsed, and it will not dry completely. In our plant, we flush out all the dirt and contaminants, dry it completely on both sides in our temperature-controlled drying room, as well as clean and groom the fringes. You don’t want to risk damaging your rug and your floors with an in-home cleaning.

What Type of Rug Repairs & Restoration Does Greenspring Offer?

Our team of master craftspeople can complete almost any type of repair or restoration services on both antique and contemporary handmade rugs, custom-made rugs, and machine-made rugs. We can expertly reweave holes, re-nap worn areas, restore moth damage, repair seams, reduce a rug size, rewrap the binding on the side, reweave worn or missing fringes, sew on artificial fringes, unravel and overcast worn fringes, and patch holes.

Request Service For Your Rug Today

At Greenspring Rug Care, our priority is to educate you on the condition of your rug so that you can make the most informed decision about how to proceed with its care. Contact us at (410) 667-RUGS to request service today. We serve Baltimore, Bethesda, and Gaithersburg, Maryland, and the surrounding counties of Howard, Harford, and Anne Arundel, as well as Washington D.C.

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