General Area Rug Cleaning Tips to Maintain Your Investment

As the days of summer begin to wane and children go back to school, now is a great time to get your house in order. Both spring and fall present opportunities to do some in-depth home cleaning. To that end, homeowners often leverage this time to tackle issues they neglect during routine cleaning and home maintenance. Consequently, Greenspring Rug Care provides intensive area rug cleaning. However, you can use these tips to maintain your area rug for the remainder of the year.

General Area Rug Cleaning Tips To Maintain Your Investment

No “One Size Fits All” for Area Rug Cleaning

When it comes to area rugs, they differ widely in their fabric and production, knots per square inch, dyes, price, and more. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance also vary according to these factors. No matter how much Baltimore homeowners spend on an area rug, they want the rug to accentuate the space and remain beautiful for as long as possible. Understanding how a rug was produced and what type of fabric it contains is essential to maintaining and caring for it. 

General Cleaning Tips

All area rugs last longer when well-maintained. To ensure an area rug lasts as long as possible, we recommend that you implement these practices:

  • Encourage people to take off their shoes when relaxing in rooms with area rugs.
  • Vacuum the front and back of area rugs regularly to remove excess dirt, dust, and debris.
  • If you have the space and means, hang the rug outside and dust it once a month using a clothesline or hanging wire.
  • For cotton and synthetic rugs, use carpet shampoo and a soft-bristled brush to clean them periodically.
  • For wool, always check with the manufacturer. For some, you may be able to use specialty laundry detergent and a sponge for touch-up cleaning.
  • For hand-knotted rugs and specialty materials, jump to the Professional Cleaning section below.
  • For odor control, it’s best to sprinkle baking soda or possibly baby powder onto the rug and then vacuum.

Acute Stains and Issues

Accidents happen and should be addressed as soon as possible. Durable fabrics can handle detergent and spot cleaning. However, jute, sisal, hand-knotted, and pure wool rugs often require professional cleaning. Sometimes, you may be able to use a microfiber cloth to blot up the liquid. You may even have success using a damp microfiber towel and delicate cleaner. That being said, we recommend consulting with a professional before you attempt any treatment. 

Professional Cleaning

Greenspring Rug Care recommends professional area rug cleaning at least annually. Our concierge service includes pick-up and drop-off, in addition to thorough, professional cleaning in our facility. Moreover, that’s also a great time to address any rug repairs or color restoration. With proper care and maintenance, area rugs can last a lifetime. Baltimore residents, find out why others in your neighborhood and the surrounding area trust us. Then, call us at (410) 667-7847 to schedule your area rug cleaning.

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