How Do I Remove Pet Odor and Urine From My Area Rug?

Sometimes it seems like pets are naturally inclined to pee on area rugs. The more high-quality the rug, the more likely dogs and other pets are to mark their territory. So, how do you remove unwanted pet odor and urine from area rugs? Greenspring Rug Care frequently hears this question, and we have answers.

How Do I Remove Pet Odor and Urine From My Area Rug?

Why Can’t I Get Rid of Pet Odor and Urine From My Area Rug?

You’ve given it your best effort—probably repeatedly, right? Yet pet and urine odor still linger. Why?

First, pet urine develops salt crystals as it sits. When cleaned with chemicals and water, the moisture and salt crystals react, which actually intensifies the smell. Enzymes break down the salt crystals, and you can purchase some enzymatic cleaners at retail outlets. However, additional factors, such as temperature, pH level, and the carpet’s fabric also play a role. The more you spend on your area rug, the less risk you probably want to take when it comes to cleaning it. 

Can I Try a Natural Remedy I Found Online?

You certainly can, but we don’t typically recommend it. Of course, the risk is yours to take. Should you decide you want to attempt, we suggest you understand your risk of damaging it, which may require rug repair.

If you move forward, you may try mixing equal parts vinegar and water. After spraying the area you want to treat, cover it with baking soda. Then, use a soft-bristled brush to break down the stain gently. Last, use a damp cloth to remove any remaining debris.

Self-treating with vinegar can produce more harm than good. For example, some pets may try to mark the territory again when they smell the vinegar. Additionally, do you remember when we mentioned temperature? Warmer temperatures may exacerbate the issue. Finally, the method risks pushing the pet odor and urine crystals deeper into the rug, where they bind to its fibers. 

How Do I Stop My Pet From Peeing on the Rug? 

We can’t advise you on how to train your pet. That being said, behavior is often habitual. If your pet has developed a pattern of peeing on the rug, carpet, or anywhere indoors repeatedly, you’ll want to address the issue.

As for your area rug, multiple spills, pottying, and stains build up the proteins and bind firmly to the fibers. Further, urine can seep down deeper into the area rug, the padding, and even the wood floor underneath. Fortunately, you can send your area rug away for in-plant pet treatment. Unfortunately, you can’t do that with flooring. 

Can You Treat My Area Rug?

Our team of experts at Greenspring Rug Care understands area rug treatment, repair, and cleaning. We guarantee our pet odor and urine removal process works. We can even restore the color or store your area rug if you need it. If you live in Baltimore or the surrounding area, give us a call at (410) 667-RUGS to schedule your appointment.

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