You may have lost hope for your beloved rug, but don’t go shopping for a new one just yet. Greenspring Rug Care offers many services to clean, repair, and restore your area rug so that it will look brand new once again. Your rug has probably been through a lot, and it deserves a second chance to shine in your home. Let’s look at the difference between two of the rug repair services we offer, rug binding and rug serging, and how they can help restore your rug.

Rug Binding and Serging

What is Rug Binding?

With rug binding we will stitch the edges of your rug with a professional binding machine or sew them by hand, depending on the type of rug that you have. Rug binding can help the worn or frayed edges of your rug look new again. Custom rug binding can provide you with a tailored look that will keep your oriental or antique rug looking well-groomed and luxurious. Greenspring Rug Care will review all of the repair options with you, offering recommendations that will maintain the integrity of your rug and give you the finished product you want.

What is Rug Serging?

Rug serging is a circular stitching that wraps around the edge of your rug, hiding imperfections and uneven edges. This type of rug repair is an optimal solution for frayed, tattered, or worn edges. Greenspring Rug Care can provide rug serging repairs for all types of rugs, such as wool, silk, cotton, sisal, hemp, jute, or oriental. Whatever type of rug you want to have repaired, you can be assured that our rug serging repair services will restore the damaged edges with a binding that closely matches the color of your rug.

Request Service for Your Rug

The specialists at Greenspring provide superior rug care services, and we will take care of your rug as if it were our own. In addition to all of the rug care services we are known for, we also offer free pickup and delivery with our rug cleaning service. Contact us today at (410) 667-RUGS to request service for your rug. We serve Baltimore, Bethesda, and Gaithersburg, Maryland, and the surrounding counties of Howard, Harford, and Anne Arundel, as well as Washington D.C.

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