Do You Want to Find Out If Your Area Rug Is Valuable?

Do you have an antique area rug in your home, but don’t know how much it’s worth? Whether it’s a recent antique store find or it’s been in your family for years, Greenspring Rug Care can appraise your rug. If necessary, we can also clean, repair, and restore it to its original beauty. Read on to see how we can help determine the value and best plan of care for your antique area or Oriental rug.

Antique rug appraisal

Rug Appraisal

We can complete a professional rug appraisal either in our facility or in your home or business. Our certified rug appraiser begins by inspecting the rug and taking the required detailed photographs for the appraisal. Once they gather all of the necessary information, an insurance-approved antique rug appraisal is calculated. You will receive a PDF file with information such as approximate age, original value, and current value.

Selling Your Valuable Rug

After you receive your rug appraisal, you may desire to sell it. Many people find that they no longer have the room for them due to downsizing or relocating. Greenspring Rug Care can provide recommendations for potential buyers for your antique rug. We know auction houses, second-hand stores, and consignment shops that would possibly be interested.

Rug Cleaning, Repair, and Restoration 

If you plan to keep your rug after the appraisal, then we have other services you might need. The experts at Greenspring Rug Care can professionally wash, clean, and dry your antique or Persian area rug. We also have a process for removing stubborn stains from all types of rugs. If your rug is damaged, faded, or worn then we can painstakingly restore each and every section that needs it. 

Request An Appraisal Or Cleaning Today

You can trust the expertise of Greenspring Rug Care with your valuable rug cleaning and care needs. Are you ready to find out what your old rug is worth? Contact us today at (410) 667-RUGS or request service online for your rug. We serve Baltimore, MD, and the surrounding area.

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