Has the fringe started coming off of your prized area rug? Or, perhaps the fringe has become so dirty that you’ve helplessly considered tossing out your rug. Fortunately, Greenspring Rug Care provides fringe cleaning and restoration so that the most delicate part of your rug can look new again. We’ll walk you through our process to either salvage or restore the fringe on your rug, giving a whole new life to your favorite piece.

Fringe Cleaning and Restoration

What Causes Damage to Rug Fringe?

It’s no surprise that rug fringe is delicate and is often the first part of your rug to go. First of all, years of foot traffic on the individual tassels can cause abrasion to the fringed areas. Vacuum cleaners and other similar appliances make contact with your fringe and can cause damage as well. All of this and other normal wear and tear can result in tearing, fraying, and discoloration of the tassels on your area rug. 

Restoring the Fringe Through Cleaning

At Greenspring Rug Care, our experts will follow our detailed and meticulous process for cleaning the fringe on your rug, which often revives its original color. We will clean the fringe by hand, spot-clean it as needed, and then brush it by hand. If a proper cleaning alone doesn’t provide the full level of restoration that your fringe requires, then we can use our more advanced methods, like replacing the fringe.

Restoring the Fringe Through Replacement

If the fringe on your rug is damaged beyond repair, we can do one of two things. We can remove the fringe from your area rug completely if you prefer. We could also replace the fringe by removing it, securing the structure of your rug with an overcast stitch, and then laying new fringe along the previous area and sewing it right into the rug. Our rug professionals can recreate the fringe from your existing rug or replace it with a faux fringe where you can choose the color, length, and style you want.

Request Service for Your Rug

If you are ready to return your rug’s fringe to its original condition, contact us today at (410) 667-RUGS to request service. Greenspring Rug Care is proud to offer many other rug care solutions, such as rug cleaning, rug repair, rug storage, rug padding, and more. We serve residents in Baltimore, Bethesda, and Gaithersburg, Maryland, Washington D.C., and the surrounding counties of Howard, Harford, and Anne Arundel.

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