September 2018: FREE Moth Proofing On All Cleaned Rugs!

mothproofingMoth eggs begin to hatch at the beginning of Summer. That means that right now the larvae the does the destruction to Oriental Rugs could be chewing on your rugs as we speak. They don’t like the light so if you have a rug under a couch or a piano or whatever that’s probably where they go to start eating first. Moth’s larvae start eating the dirty portions first. If there’s anything that’s falling on the rug that is sticky, sweaty, greasy or oily that’s where they’re most likely start eating. The solution to that is a clean rug. But even a clean rug is not absolutely secure so that’s why we offer a special treatment to make the rugs less attractive to moths but safe for children. The solution is to make sure the rug is clean first by a professional cleaner and then to have the mothproofing applied. In the month of September 2018, we will be offering: FREE Moth Proofing On All Cleaned Rugs! (410) 667-7847 | Get These Exclusive Savings, Only From Greenspring Rug Care:
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